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October 9, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Enlightened AFRICAN of LOVE replied:

    yo…..thx 4 tha info dude..sorry 4 all tha questions, please jus understand that i wanna continue my journey down tha right path of enlightenment ya’ kno.
    im still in tha stage of a small bush, that gradually is gettin bigger over time,but durin that tho i can feel lil baby dreadies rite now but nothin 2 significant
    no baking soda rinse.????
    cause i was mixing bakin soda with this african black organic soap shampoo that i had bought from target nd washin my hair with that erry otha day.
    give me your thoughts on that nd why i should nd/or shouldnt use it.?

    nd wen you use tha shampoo yhu jus let it sit 4 30 min or what.?

    did yhu every early on pick or comb yhur hair out?

    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

      umm ive never used baking soda, might be good, i used the less is more strategy with my hair.
      i think baking soda would be of better use to you when you have mature dreads that may be in risk of build up.
      shampoo sits in my hair anywhere from 2-6 min then rinse and repeat, i didnt start using conditioner until 2 weeks ago
      umm dont know what your last question is trying to say, i think your asking if i started early? yes i started with around 6 mnts of growth (small afro) THROW YOUR COMB N PICKS AWAY!
      sounds like your thinking about “what to do or not do” way too much, just wash your hair and keep it movin, in 1 month youll be really nappy, in 2 months dreads start 1year people think you are rasta, hope this helped

  2. Enlightened AFRICAN of LOVE replied:

    helped alot,
    i always loved tha views tha rastas had on food, green, nd religion…i kinda share their views,jus Americanized.
    with all tha bullshit that goes on n our country.
    in essence it wouldnt hurt 2 look like
    thanks man,
    good look with tha info….JAH bless

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