August 23, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. a7u0g6boi replied:

    Great pics, once again! I dont know where you search for the pictures you use, but you SURELY find some GREAT ones. I can neve find any as good as these, until NOW.

    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

      thanks, it is hard to find these images, thats why i started this blog because there is no other place on the internet that focuses on organic locks only, if you know of any good sources, please put me on so i can share!!!

  2. jacque' replied:

    These are absolutely beautiful! A site needs to be puttogether that focuses on the raw beauty of free locs

  3. emahalkebulan replied:

    NICE, NICE, NICE. Thnx for this blog. The more I see these freeform pics, pure art of nature…..the more my passion arises and I know I did the right thing to stick with this journeyof liberation. I’M IN LOVEEEEEE lol. Beautiful work hummingbird, love, love, love it!!!!

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