Random flicks by Patrick Cariou


August 1, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Leslie Pippen replied:

    That’s what I’m talkin about. I love to see images like these because of the amazing beauty of black people. There is some truth to the stereotype of the magical negro.
    The ability to make tendrils that connect right into the Godhead. Lovely. Thanks for the images.

    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

      thanks!!! its hard to find images and content but ill do my best to keep em coming!!!!

      • Leslie Pippen replied:

        It’s interesting that Richard Prince is being sued by Patrick Cariou for his appropriation of the images from Cariou’s book “Yes Rasta”. At first I was a little disturbed, but now I think Prince is on the money with his images even though they disfigure the beauty of the original images. What do you think?

  2. hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

    i’m not a fan of prince’s work, i am not offended or anything like that, i just feel like when you take someones original art and try and “remix” it, it should be better than the original piece, he just didn’t do it for me, he ruined the images in my opinion, why do you feel he is on the money??

  3. Leslie Pippen replied:

    I like it when Prince examines sub-cultures and puts them on display in larger scale. It becomes the same as Koons, but with American Pop kitsch. I think for me the images by Cariou (I ordered the book) become this distant observation and Prince makes obvious and very literal how Rasta culture is seen through white eyes(general statement).
    I’ve been taken for a pot smoking, reggae loving dread head by people who have only seen locks on t.v.
    and yes I smoke a little and listen to dub.
    Do you make artwork? music?

    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

      haha great observation, never looked at princes work like that!
      i am not a rasta, but i respect the culture, and yes i smoke a little as well but not why im growing my hair.
      i do doodle, paint when i’m inspired
      i co-manage an music artist by the name of Theophilus london, google him if your not familiar, great stuff!!
      Do you make artwork? music?

      • Leslie Pippen replied:

        I know a little of his work, I checked him out after his visit to Salt Lick City not too long ago. I like his style for sure, reminds me of why I liked Po Righteous Teachers back in the day. Clever lyrics, good shit. I make large scale drawings, and assemblages. Trenton Doyle Hancock, Robyn O’neil, Gary Panter, Mark Seliger and I, all went to the same school for undergrad. They all made a name, I just make work, quietly. I’m about to get some of it documented and possibly put online. I haven’t yet decided. I like the bottom photo on your headshots. (anonimity) I would love to have a Lambda print of that one. I take it your in NY?

  4. hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

    yep, in NYC, that last headshot is my favorite too, do u live in salt lake??? would love to see some of your work

  5. hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

    LOL had no idea what a lambda print was , had to look it up, and yes, a lambda print would be cool, I’m also going to start taking film photos documenting the growth, should be cool. what’s your hair look like?? always looking for new blog content!!!

  6. Leslie Pippen replied:

    Yeah, I’m here for now? I’m working on my third and last batch. The first batch was the best, it was semi-freeform. I let them form on their own but I also shaped them a little by twisting. The second batch was too thin and there was too much shit going on in my life. The new batch is not very old and I’m giving my mom the option to cut them each time I visit. I don’t visit that often so we can see how much they’ve grown while I’m away. Right now it’s just big. Big Hair! I like the little hand coming from the back of your head, that’s so nice. Where you raised in the apple or the core?

  7. Leslie Pippen replied:

    send me a return address for images.
    I’ll see what I can find for your blog.

    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

  8. YasU replied:

    o em gee, this is so beautiful. so jealous of these handsome men’s hair. i always feel like men grow doper dreads. why? by the way, yours grow mad quikly

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