10 months locked


June 17, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. KRIS replied:

    crazy dope

    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

      got the z share link didnt get a chance to check it out yet, ill let you know whats up! are you going the neglect dread route??

  2. KRIS replied:

    ooo ok 4sho man…i promise youll dig it…

    yeaa man its going really good.. its been about 8 and a half months or 9…

    i cut my sides and just let my top grow, so from the very beginning it started to grow into its own unique shape.check out my pics

  3. KRIS replied:

    i sent the pics to your email for your blog

  4. KRIS replied:

    HEY MAN, i aint tryna bug,lol. but i uploaded my tracks on sound cloud so its super easy listen to …

    let me know if thats better..


    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

      been real busy, still want to check it out , how do I sound cloud???

  5. KRIS replied:

    OOO YEA, i understand man…
    sound cloud is just a music player, its way easier.
    heres my soundcloud link :http://soundcloud.com/7733k/sets
    the songs are they as soon you type in the link.

    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

      checked it out, cool!! your headed in a good direction!! update me from time to time with new events n things, do you perform live?? im actually heading to LA on the 11th to support TL for a couple of gigs we have out there

  6. KRIS replied:

    THANX MAN… i mos def will,
    yea i have a few times, but not recently ,like i dont really a crew or anything so i just been tryna find ppl i can roll with or watever you know.
    oooo yea isnt he doing a set with M.I.A ?… yo that shits gonna be dope. i think ima try to go man.

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