Random Nappy flicks


May 25, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. KRIS replied:

    hey man , are you into music?… im asking because im a recording artist/ songwriter. and i was wondering if you would post some of my music..

    heres my musicmyspace: http://www.myspace.com/marsishere
    let me know. and ill send you my recent stuff to your email

    kris mars

    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

      i am into music, i manage Theophilus london, but this blog is only for nappy hair stuff, if you got a video with you and some kinda napps ill post that,lol
      send me some music tho

  2. KRIS replied:

    oo wurd? dammmnn man, i love Theophilus’s stuff… thats one of the few guys who i feel i can relate too. he is really dope….

    i wanna send you my demo of my album that im finishing up…
    can i send it to your or email or something?

    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

      my email is @gmail.com u can send music, ill check it out, just please dont send group emails or anything like that, thx!

  3. KRIS replied:

    COOOL.. thanx man,.. i just sent you an email. i put a zshare download link to my demo…

    check it out…

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