May 20, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. roottruth replied:

    this blog is all kinds of awesomeness. thanx for putting it together 🙂

    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

      thanks, i didnt see anything else out there, figured someone had to do it!!!

  2. deborahG replied:


    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:


  3. Amina replied:

    beautiful! I love your locs

  4. Jasmine replied:

    I loved your videos soundtracks first hehe 🙂 I love your locs & this blog too!!!

  5. KRIS replied:

    HEY MAN.
    yo i got a question. does the top usually take longer to really start locking then the rest of the hair?

    • hummingbirdlovegorilla replied:

      yes, in my case it did, the top hairs are softer, its still locking, ive looked at other pictures of people with long dreads and it seems like some peoples hair never fully locks on top,so…….

  6. Amanawil replied:

    yo dude you have some wicked locks. I think I might start my lock journey like your’s.

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